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The easiest way to learn human anatomy:

This 3D human anatomy app contains the muscles, skeleton, organs and blood vessels in 3D.
Instead of trying to understand anatomy by flipping through many human anatomy atlases, charts and images trying to comprehend it all,
Simply rotate around and interact with the actual 3D human anatomy models in real time,
which is visually easier and faster to understand.

The anatomy app is intented for anatomy students, we believe that learning by interaction is het best and easiest way to study human anatomy.
Granting anatomy students the possibility to rotate around all anatomical systems (organs, blood vessels, muscles etc) and be able to interact with them (hide layers, get details, etc)
provides for a better learning experience and an easier way to internalize it all.
It can also be used by anatomy proffesionals, for example when discussing anatomy with a patient it can help as an visual aid.

The anatomy app can be downloaded and tested for free, which contains the skeleton and ligaments, other anatomical systems can be purchased seperatly.
It is available on most platforms (android, ios, windows and mac) and can be used on your phone, tablet or desktop pc.


  • skeletal system
  • muscular system
  • urinary system
  • reproductive system
  • ligaments
  • circulatory system (veins & arteries)

Anatomy App Screenshots

The Visual Anatomy 3D (human) app is available for many different mobile and desktop platforms and devices
(iPhone, iPad, Android (mobile and tablet), windows and mac).
Below are different screen captures taken from both the mobile and desktop app versions.
On a phone or tablet, the anatomy app supports both landscape and portrait mode, along with different text scaling options.
The Visual Anatomy (human) app can be used on a mac or windows computers and supports windowed and full-screen options.

Mobile (iphone, ipad, android)

Desktop (mac, windows)

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Download anatomy app

Download the Visual Anatomy (human) app for free on the app store (skeleton and ligaments are unlocked in the free version, the rest requires and in-app purchase) and test out if this anatomy app is for you.
*It is available for Apple (iPhone and iPad), Android (mobile and tablet), Windows (desktop) and Mac (desktop).

anatomy app Pricing

The Visual Anatomy (human) app can be downloaded for free and contains the skeleton and ligaments anatomy for free.
For a monthly, yearly or lifetime price the app can be unlocked (meaning all anatomical systems, functionality and other features of the app can be used).
The app is universal and on iOs can be shared between an iPhone and iPad, on Android it can be shared between different tablets and mobile phones.
The software is not cross-platform, meaning a purchase on Android can only be used on android devices (phones or tablets and purchases made through Apple, can only be used on iPhones and iPads).


$ 9,95 Monthly
  • Full Version
  • Cancel any Time


$ 4,95 Monthly
  • Full Version
  • Cancel any Time


$ 39
  • Full Version
  • Lifetime Access


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